Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fresh Eggs

It truly is amazing what excites me in this world.  You know, fifty years ago, something like fresh eggs was common-place.  How sad that now, these eggs are a rarity, that you only can find if you looks really hard.

That is why when my dad brought these home randomly from a meeting he had, I was elated.  Really there is no better surprise.  I think I rather be presented with these than with a new pair of shoes.

Of course you can find some good eggs at the grocery store these days if you look hard.  It is a research project every time, trying to decipher if they meet my qualifications.  So many fall short.

Who knew that there could be so many factors to great eggs.  Were they free range?  Fed a natural diet (not in the fake way that they market natural, but naturally what chickens are supposed to eat)?  Were they given any hormones to induce eggs to lay?  Were their beaks seared?  Ok...finally some eggs!  Geez.

That is what I love about fresh, farm raised eggs, ones that you find at the farmers market or are given to you out of someone's back yard; you know that they meet all the criteria.
And they are a visual feast inside and out.  First, all the beautiful colors of shells....that you could not ever find in the grocery store.  Then, all the yolks are the most beautiful vibrant shade of orange that you will ever see.  That is how you know just how well they were raised.  And it makes for the best eggs you've ever had.

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