Sunday, December 4, 2011

(Almost) A Year in Review

It sort of seems as though this year just began...
but in many other ways, it's been a year of many, many changes.
This blog has always been a place to quickly jot down notes about my life to keep as a record for the future. I love journals but am terrible at writing in them on a regular basis...much like this blog.
It is always nice though, to go back and read through what has happened and what I've had to say about it at the time.

This past year has turned my life upside down in many ways, all of them a bit unexpected.
First of all, my business Antiquaria has flourished beyond both mine and my business partners imagination within the first year.  At this time last year, we were gearing up for our website launch, which occurred on December 10, 2010.
Since then, it has been a whirlwind keeping up with calligraphy and shipping, invitation design and PR. Overnight, it seems like our plates were over-filled and although we we're hungry, we were just trying to keep up!

In May, D & I were finally able to get away and went to New Mexico to visit my Best friend, Lauren.

When we were visiting Taos (one of my fav. places) we stayed at the most fabulous B&B. How cute are these bird houses!!! Straight out of Antropologie!!

We hiked.

Dined on some Bison pot roast. (Lauren and I went out to the local farmers market and got one of the most delicious pot roasts I've ever made.)
We played Taboo and hot tubbed. Over all it's just the kind of break that the doctor called for.
When I went to work for myself (now 2 &1/2 years ago) I never would have imagined how difficult it is to schedule time off over asking for it. One of the hardest things to cope with is the feeling of never truly being "off".

Right after the vacation, D moved:(
He went to Cali to pursue a graduate degree and left me here to miss him. J/K
I have missed him terribly but I am also moving!
I'll be moving to sunny CA, more specifically Los Angeles and I'm both excited and really sad. Austin is my home and contains everything that I love (except D). I think I've known for so long...that it will be refreshing when the day is finally here. Which is this month! Yikes!

This falls been crazy, I've been back and forth to LA 3 times, the last being last week for Thanksgiving. You can see how I spent it here

This photo (above) was taken in Santa Barbara at dinner the night we drove into town for Thanksgiving. The sun was setting and it was so beautiful. The perfect way to relax after a few hours in traffic.

There is one last biggie that happened this year...
I'm engaged!
After an eight year relationship and a 13 year friendship, D & I are finally settling in together. So many changes...but I couldn't be more excited.

Obviously, things will be hectic until the dust settles after the move. I plan on being more present here and sharing more (in a timely manner) since now, so many dear friends will be so far away.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and I'll see you in the New Year 2012!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Horse Invite

Yet again, I have been seriously MIA.

The holidays came and went so quickly and then 2011 started with a bang and a pile of envelopes.
One of the first projects of the new year was another paper collaboration with my Antiquaria business partner, Emma James.  This horse invite turned out so cute and cohesive, and I'm so glad that it got featured this morning on the wonderful blog, Oh So Beautiful Paper.  Go and check out the full spread!!!