Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Knitted with Love

A sneak peak into Amon Design Studio for the coming year.

After graciously asked to create a baby hat by my boyfriend's mother, I constructed this little gem. Unfortunetely, I do not have a baby laying around to model the hat but imagine how sweet the little recipient will look in it as it keeps her newborn head warm.

The tag that I hand lettered with the care instructions, also has the saying above. To me, things that are done by hand with patient skill are well worth the effort.

I really do believe that I have given forth my love into this little hat and therefore it will give more warmth and blessing than anything that you could possibly buy in a store.

This mantra carries over to most things in my life.
And I strive everyday to make the choices that support craftsman, artists and farmers. Because to me, the fact that they have cared for, touched and loved what they have done to make the end product, it will in turn, nourish my body, mind and soul during my consumption.

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