Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Penny Kay

Yesterday, I went to brunch and ran errand with my mother, Penny. She wore the sweater that I made her for her birthday this past year. It was a monumental one (I'll let you guess) so I wanted to commemorate it with something that was handmade. It is truly where my knitted with love theory originated, in that I really wanted to give her something that had my love in it.

I couldn't think of anything more appropriate and seeing as she had been eying my sweaters for a long time, she finally had one all her own (although I do on occasion borrow it).

The pattern is one of my tried and true which I am constantly adapting and changing to suit different yarns, proportions and seasons. This is my fourth of this sweater to make and I think that everytime I make another, it's better than the last.

It is loosely based on a pattern idea by Lily Chin. I have never seen the pattern but use her construction method to suit by own body type.

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