Monday, February 4, 2013

Garden Snapshot

I figure that since I've currently been placed in beautiful Pasadena, I should embrace it and build a garden. I'll admit to not having a great track record with plants...but I blame it on the Texas heat (but it was mostly laziness on my part). 

The photos above show my progress from before we moved in (Sept. 2012) and when I first cleaned up the space a little (Jan. 4, 2013). I was honestly shocked to see the state of the space when we first arrived. I almost forgot how barren it was.

 This past weekend, I decided to put in a stone path so that I could make a good outline & plan for how to plant the space. I also added in 2 scented geranium have I never recognized the awesomeness of these before?? They smell amazing. One is lemon & one apple. I can't wait to see what other varieties the nursery receives in the coming months.

I also moved all of our outdoor furniture into our "little private garden" (the space behind our garage).

I also groomed this little lavender plant (Lavandula Spanish Pink) into a tabletop topiary. I love it...and I love the little green patterned pot.

While I was shoveling dirt, I came across some really interesting iron brackets, stakes & other pieces. It makes me wonder what was here before the house...

All sorts of critters enjoy the outside space as much as we do! I couldn't resist sharing a snapshot of this little guy who posed while I was pruning the rose bushes.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week! I look forward to sharing more of my progress as I go & spring arrives.


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