Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Promise...

At the Calligraphy guild meeting this past week, I had a lovely chat with my friend Karen about my sketchbook.  I began reading her my intro to the book and I got such a strong reaction from her and others around that I thought I would post it.  I had written this for my very first journal that I started because of being in lessons (calligraphy) with Sharon this past spring.  So far, I have written this at the beginning of each journal/sketchbook (really what is the difference?) that I have started and I think I forever will...

I promise to mot make you precious.
To hold you dear and keep you safe.
To fill you up with life, from the monumental to the mundane.
Probably mundane.
Be my confidant. Be my translator.
Facilitate my inner most thoughts, visions and dreams.
Help me develop my skills and grow.
Most of all, be my friend.

As promised...the sketch of the day.

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This is a little drawing of a plant right outside Sharon's studio.  It is actually one of my favorites so far.

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