Thursday, October 21, 2010


Photo by Kelly James

While I have been away from the blog...
Time has seemed to fly by.  Not only am I still working on calligraphy envelopes, commissions, etc, I am launching a new venture with the talented Emma James.  Many of you would recognize our collaboration on her wedding invite last spring, that was featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Our new baby (business) Antiquaria, is shaping up quickly and beautifully.  I am not sure if you could put together two more visually perfectionistic people...but it is working.  We have a temporary site up here and our blog has a couple of posts and we are working on many more.  Of course I will keep you guys updated with developments as soon as I have news.  I encourage any of you that are interested in vintage dishes, linens and home decor to subscribe to the Antiquaria blog to stay up to date.  We will be previewing our favorites in our Catch of the Day section, which will give our readers first dibs on the new merchandise.

Our first photo shoot with Kelly James proved to be successful and rewarding so I am very much looking forward to another one tomorrow where we will be shooting a couple of table scapes and bar ware (my favorite)!

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