Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love & Folly

A big thank you goes out to Miss Emma Brode for featuring me on her blog, Love & Folly!

I was so thrilled to work with her on her amazing wedding invitations that she designed herself (not exactly DIY when you are a talented graphic artist). I couldn't have had more fun with these for there are few people that really let you go crazy with concepts for their envelopes.

All in all, with everything together (including the fantastic cactus and western stamps she sourced) I haven't seen such a creative and cohesive wedding set come my way!

Check out her blog and you will see what a talented designer she really is! Thanks Emma!


  1. i have always LOVE letters so i am SO HAPPY i stumbled across your blog. i took calligraphy in HS and still love the art. you do INCREDIBLE work...just breathtaking! i'm looking forward to seeing more of your work (calligraphy AND drawing). :o)

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I'm so glad that you enjoy reading about my work. You should dig all your calligraphy stuff out and start playing around with it!