Monday, February 8, 2010

Dinner Club

So we gathered, the five of us, to begin this adventure in food.

I brought New Age White Wine... served over ice with lime.

Since it was K's night, he was responsible for the meal. To begin...fresh rosemary sea salt bread...straight from the oven.

The Lavender crusted Tuna prior to cooking.

First Course: Filo stuffed with Three cheeses and herbs...served with Harissa infused Olive Oil.

The Main Course: Seared Tuna with a Lavender Crust and a Wasabi Avocado Sauce, Spinach Souffle in a Tomato.

Dessert: Lavender Sorbet with an Almond Tuille.

Thanks to K for a wonderful Dinner! And to everyone else for fabulous memories. I can't wait for D's turn next!

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