Thursday, June 17, 2010

Real Wedding, Spring 2010

Today, I had a wonderful surprise in my mailbox, one of my clients had sent over pictures from her wedding this past spring.   I always wonder what my clients weddings look like after spending so much time talking with them at length about the details that go into their event.  Alas, only a few actually have photographs of the calligraphy to share.

I remember as I was lettering this menu how incredibly hungry it made me.  The menu was designed my brides brother who is an acclaimed chef in New York City.  You know how much of a foodie I am...I was absolutely drooling!

The place cards and escort cards were done in walnut of my absolute favorite inks to use.  The slight variation of color that the natural ink has is so unlike anything else available.  It matched the brown shades that adorned her tables beautifully.  

If only I could peek into every one of my brides weddings.  It brings such a happy and rewarding feeling and is good to know that all of the hand lettering is still appreciated in these modern times.

Her wonderful photography was done by Lume Photography.

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  1. Beautiful....I love her warm candlelit ambiance. Remember this for my wedding. I will also have walnut ink.