Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Part One

Ever since I can remember, my birthday has been quite a celebration.  Usually it drags on for about a week, starting at fathers day (where we go to San Antonio to celebrate fathers day/ my birthday) and ending when the last bit of cake has been eaten after my actual birthday (June 25).  

For the previous two birthdays, I was in Dallas.  It threw traditions for a loop.

Let me just say, I am glad to be back to normal.  It's not that I relish attention (I really don't like it at all) but it is that I can really spend quality time with friends and family that is the best gift of all.

Friday (my actual birthday) started off early.  This year is the year.... I get to have my drivers license renewed.  What a way to start the day!  Computer malfunctions turned a brief trip into an hour long wait (I was #002 in line)!  Good news is, that I don't have to go to the DPS to renew for another 12 years (I will be 36...yikes!)

A trip to Upper Crust Bakery for breakfast made me happy as I dove into a cheese brioche and cappuccino.  Definitely a great way to start the day.

Then it was back home to recoup and relax.  Shortly after I arrived the doorbell rang.  To my surprise, I was greeted with a gorgeous arrangement of hydrangeas from miss L!

So lovely!

My grandmother and uncle then came over to visit for a while.  It had been surprisingly long since I had seen them so I nice chat was overdue!

About the time that they left, my tummy started grumbling, hankering for a yummy lunch.  Fortunately, my lovely boyfriend took me to The Steeping Room for tea sandwiches and my favorite cookie in town, their salty toffee chocolate chip cookie.

Yes, please, I would love this recipe...on second thought it may be dangerous!

Some more relaxing, lounging and catching up on missed TV ensued while we waited for our dinner reservation at Fonda San Miguel.

Finally 8:30 had arrived and we were seated at FSM.  I had really eaten quite more than usual, so I was craving something fresh and light.  My tomato (little yellow ones), cucumber (picked fresh from their garden) and pine nut salad did the trick.

Then, the desert arrived.  

And I made a wish.

And filled up my tummy a little more with this fabulous peach tres leches cake.  Less soggy than the other tres leches I have had, this one really hit the spot.

10:04pm...exactly 24 years old.  Now I was off to cap off the night with a glass of wine with D and get some rest for the big Saturday we had planned.


  1. Looks like it was a fabulous day with lots of yummy food! I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the greenery in the hydrangeas though....

  2. I don't mind the does make it a huge arrangement though!