Sunday, March 24, 2013

Garden Snapshot | It's Spring!

The big accomplishment that I've made within the past week or so is that I built a bean trellis! The little seeds have yet to pop up out of the ground and I can't wait.

Also, the manure/compost that I've been using must have had spores in it...because little mushrooms keep popping up in my strawberry plants. They're so cute.

The quince is starting to flower! It's lush pink blooms are so lovely.

A few of the nasturtiums have really taken off. They are so much bigger now. They're still my favorite "from seed" plant so far this year. 

I've been busy with work & meetings over the past week but I was glad to be able to spend a little time out in the garden today. I planted some more sedum ground cover...I just love the stuff! The spanish blue sedum that I planted in-between the stone path has almost filled together already.

It's now officially spring! Oh happy day:)

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