Friday, August 20, 2010

Boston Part One

So I had mentioned Boston.  This was the view from the front door of the dorm that I stayed in at Stonehill College.  It was just gorgeous.  Brisk and green.  Such a stark contrast to Austin.

And this is my new friend Adam Heller.  He is one of the artists behind Samaritan Carvers located in Rhode Island.  He is so talented and passionate.  Because of him I came home with a new goal (one of many), to learn to carve stone.  

He was traditionally trained and apprenticed but is now stepping out and creating modern carved pieces. Just beautiful stuff.

This is my absolute favorite picture from my Boston trip.  One that I would like to watercolor or draw or paint...just so that I can experience it further.  

It depicts Ewan Clayton's (my amazing teacher) hat along with some reed pens and a smattering of other goodies that were on the table.  It is a wonderful memory for me and one that will not soon lose.

And this is where the moon piece that I previously posted started.  Staring at this gorgeous and haunting moon.

Hope that you have all had a great week.

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